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Yes, we are a black-own spa. Thank you for your support

Absolutely No Extra Guests and no CHILDREN this is a relaxing environment!

Please keep in mind this is a spa and we need to all respect each other's relaxation time. 


*Same day/ Walk-in appointments are available if available (contact us prior to coming).

Please make sure to contact us to make sure your appointment is confirmed and squeeze in has been acknowledged. (Sometimes on site, it will say available but time slot may not be available for same day). 

An extra $25 squeeze in fee will be charged for same day/walk-in appointments.  Applies also for groupon or classpass.

*All package deals & deposits are non refundable! If you purchased a package or won a raffle, please make sure you use your package or raffle winnings 60 days from date purchased or won. Please do not contact us trying to redeem a service, package or raffle after the 60 days have passed. The service, package, or raffle will be forfieted if after 60 days. 


*Come at your Scheduled Appointment Time! Do not come earlier!


*Please come already showered, if receiving any of the treatments. Please wear a thong for all non surgical bbl services

*Please if you're are on your monthly cycle reschedule your appointment at least 7 days after.


Please do not get a yoni steam if pregnant. There will be an intake form and a consultation will be taken before actual appointment.





*All Cancellations and rescheduling must be done 24 hours in advance of actual day of service.

*If you cancel or reschedule same day you forfeit your entire deposit and will need to pay a new deposit to secure rescheduled appt.

*ALL Appointments require booking Online with paying a deposit (if service requests online) to secure your appointment (Non-refundable deposit!)

*We only allow 1 reschedule per appointment //24hrs advance notice. 

*If you're trying to book two appointments you must pay two separate deposits (if service requests online) for each service.

All deposits for classes are non-refundable.




Once a groupon or classpass appointment has been confirmed, please cancel 24 hrs in advance or your groupon/classpass will be redeemed. You will only have up to one time to reschedule appointment.

All Groupons are subject to a 5% tax and 10% gratuity. If you have already tipped service tech, the 10% gratuity will not be included at check out.

If you already used the same groupon 1x, you will need to pay regular price for the session.



Please provide us a 24 hr in advance notice for cancellation.


If you miss your appointment w/o notice, your Groupon will still be redeemed. You will have only 7 days to reschedule your appointment from missed date.  Please be respectful of our staff time and schedule.


Photography/ video consent release

We may film for progress in your sessions for results or content for our social media/marketing promotion. In our services where we may have to show face for results, a written consent form is provided for your review. Before we film or take pictures, we always ask for verbal consent to post/ promote w/o your face. We will also ask upon you check-in into your appointment on our sign in sheet. When booking a class or service w/ us, you may be subject to photos/ video w/o your face in our promotions, this is your consent that you agree to this after reviewing this policy page. Please contact us @ 678.691.8926 if you have any further questions or concerns. If you object to any photo or video release, we will of course respect your wishes.


Group classes can only be rescheduled ONE time. Deposit will carry over to rescheduled class. Must reschedule 72 hrs in advance. You will only have 30 days out from original class date to reschedule. Class deposit cannot be used in exchange for our services or products. Your deposit is automatically forfeit and not refundable if policy is not followed.

*ONE on ONE Classes can only be rescheduled ONE time.  Please reschedule 72hrs before scheduled class time or your deposit will be forfeited and your class will be cancelled. Out of state One on One if need to be reschedule will need to go to virtual class. 

Virtual classes if paying w/ machine must be paid in full within 2 weeks prior to class scheduled date due to ensuring machine arrives in time for your class. In the case your machine is tracking to come later than scheduled date, we can reschedule date for our next available free day. Please remember w/ virtual class to please have a model to practice on during hands on part. Class kit for any virtual class will be sent to you 3-5 days prior to your class scheduled date. Virtual classes are only for body sculpting right now!

If purchasing a class w/ machine, typically your machine will be there day of class. Unfortunately, there has been some issues w/ shipping and customs in this case your machine may arrive a 7-12 days after class at the shop for pick up (local classes) or we mail you your machine to address of your preference.

All class deposits are non refundable.


You will have 30-day warranty on your machine parts. Please make sure to send all pictures or videos to or privately message us on our WHATSAPP. There of course will be a form you will have to fill out and go through an investigation to see if our manufacturer is at fault for any damage or faulty equipment. This investigation can take up to 21 days. Once you email pictures or videos to our email, we will send form as an attachment.

Thank you

  Any further questions about our classes, please contact us @ 478.220.8019.

All deposits for classes are non-refundable.


*All mobile visits require 24 hour notice and is subject to a travel fee. Our travel fee is based upon miles client house is away from our spa address. We charge $3.25 per a mile. If over an hour travel time, there will be an additional fee of $30. Will only travel up to an hour and 15 minutes. If needing cavitation or wood therapy once you are 3 weeks post op, there will be an additional $25 carry fee for equipment. The day of your appointment I will contact you via text 30 minutes prior to your appointment before heading to you. Please make sure to respond or your appointment will be automatically cancelled if no response. However, you can reschedule @ my next availability.  There will be a $30 deposit required to rebook appointment.  ONLY FOR POST OP CLIENTS!!!






Please provide us a 24 hr in advance notice for cancellation.


If you miss your appointment w/o notice, your Groupon will still be redeemed. You will have only 7 days to reschedule your appointment from missed date.  Please be respectful of our staff time and schedule.

Taxes (5%)  & Gratuity (10%) applies at checkout for your services booked through classpass or groupon.


*We do except all Major credit cards, cash app, apple pay, sezzle or afterpay + cash.

*Please have EXACT change when paying in cash! We do not carry change!

Packages paid in full are final and non-refundable after 24hrs of purchase. Please see manager for any further questions or concerns.

If purchased a package for any service, you will have 90 days from purchase date to complete package. After days, all sessions not yet used will be forfeited.


We work hard to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment. Please let us know how we did by leaving a review. & tips are always welcomed.


All products are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. 


Once machine has been ordered, it can take up to 3-5 business days to process and run a quality test on machine.

Shipping of machines typically take 7-12 business days

**All machines carry no warranty. Please be sure to take care of machine or order double for a back up.**

If machine is damaged upon receiving, you have up to 2 business days from delivery date to advise of damage. Please remember to keep original box device has came in. Please send all pictures of damages to within 2 business days of order date. After 30 days, your machine will not qualify for return. 

Processing times for damaged goods can be within 7-14 days. We have to reach out to manufacturer company and submit a claim. Claim processing times can take up to 3-5 business days. Once claim has been approved, a new order is activated and then processed. Processing can take up to 3-5 business days. Once processed, you will receive tracking number to your email. 

All non-machine products can take 3-7 business days to ship.


Shop Phone Number 678-691-8926

Mobile Line 10am-7pm Daily 404.821.2412

Questions, comments, or concerns text us at our TEXT ONLY number for a quick response (24/7) //478.220.8019 

Call/Text between 10am-7pm ONLY

Or dm us on our Instagram @vpbodycarespa


Where are you located?

6385 Spalding Dr STE A

Peachtree Corners GA 30092

Full address also located on our Instagram & will be provided in your confirmation of appt details!

General Questions

How do I book my individual appointments after purchasing a package deal or a package w/ more than one session?

Once you purchase a package, please go back and book the "service type-" each time for the # of each sessions allotted for in package bought. Use manual payment each time when booking in order to not pay again. PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE THAT PAYMENT OPTION TIL PACKAGE HAS BEEN BROUGHT! None of your appointments will be confirmed till package deposit has been paid for. (Manual payment is only to be used for packages or packaged deals!!!)

Body Sculpting FAQ

Does Body Cavitation (laser lipo) really work?

Yes, of course! You will look like a slimmer person once you complete all recommended sessions. Please make sure to drink water, exercise daily, and eat healthy to get best results!

Does cavitation help lose the pounds or inches?

Laser lipo (Cavitation) helps lose your inches from the particular area we are working on.

How long is the laser lipo session?

Our laser lipo is a 45 minute session. A consultation is included in beginning of session.

How many times weekly is Laser Lipo recommended?

2X WEEKLY, 4-7 days in between each session.

What should I wear during my Laser Lipo session?

Comfortable old bra and some leggings, or shorts, or sweatpants

Is the Non Surgical BBL painful?

No, it is not painful at all. This is a non invasive treatment.

What is the Non Surgical BBL?

It is vacuum cup therapy that increases volume in your buttocks area while skin tightening.

How long is the BBL session?

The session is 30 minutes long w/ a 5 minute wood therapy session included. 

What does your Sauna Detox help w/ ?

Our sauna detox helps w/ speeding up your metabolism. Allowing you to sweat a few of your toxins through your pores. 

Please make sure to drink water, exercise daily, and eat healthy to get best results!


Post Op Care FAQ

How long are the sessions?

Sessions are 30 minutes. Once 3 weeks post op, we do provide 40minute to an hr sessions due to cavitation, rf skin tightening and wood therapy. 

Do you provide home visits?

Yes. If 3 wks post op, due to us adding cavitation and wood therapy to massages, there will be an additional charge of $25 carry fee for equipment. Mobile fee ranges $35-100. Please go to bookings to add 'mobile fee' towards your post op massage service. 

Slimming Lipo Shots

How many times it it recommended to come in?

We recommend weekly visits.

What are the shots exactly? 

Lipo shots is lipotropic solution that helps break down the fat internally. 

Once fat is broken down, you will drain the fat naturally out of your body through urination or the opposite way.

B12 shots are recommended as an addon treatment to lipo shots for boosted metabolism and energy levels.

Does it hurt?

Lipo tropic shots does not hurt.

Stretch Mark Removal FAQ-(NOT YET OFFERED IN SHOP, *coming soon)

Does the stretch mark removal actually remove stretch marks?

No, the treatment does not remove the actual stretch mark but does camouflage the stretch mark or scar.

How long is each treatment you offer?

Please refer to the booking page to see the duration of each service.

Can the ink used to camouflage the scar rub off?

Yes, please do not have clothing or anything touch the area you are receiving treatment on.

How many sessions of stretch mark removal would I need?

You will only need one session. 

F/u session is complementary and will be needed 30 days after initial appt.

How long does the fade of the stretch mark lasts?

Your camouflage of the scar/stretch mark will last for up to four years.

Is it safe for me to apply water or any other products in area that was treated?

No, please refrain from putting any water or lotion products in the area that was treated for up two weeks.

If I just had surgery, how soon can I come to receive treatment?

You will need to wait 60 days 

Can I go swimming?

Please wait up to 4 weeks before going swimming. Please allow the treatment to heal.

Will the area that was treated hurt? 

No, it will scab, itch and peel just like a tattoo.

Will the process hurt?

No, you will be numb 45 min before applying treatment to scar or stretch mark.

You will only feel pressure as I begin to camouflage.


What is the age limit for treatment?

I will only service 25 years and older for this service.



-No sex, especially if stomach or upper legs were treated.

-No dresses

-Please do not itch area was treated

-No high waisted jeans, especially if stomach or upper legs were treated

-No water or products applied to area

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